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Walking has become one of America’s favorite past times. From walking in a park to actual hiking into remote areas, there are different considerations for each, and different things that are necessary to making your time pleasurable and safe.

Walking in a city park or on a concrete or indoor walkway requires little more than some good shoes and a companion to make sure that both of you remain safe.

A good walking shoe is necessary to prevent injury to the foot and to keep it from taking more of a beating than is strictly necessary. Some of the better shoes that will support the ankle and arch are Nike, Reebok or Skechers.

To select a shoe that will help you in your walking requires that you consider just a few things along the way

Look for a low heel that has support and bevels slightly inward. Selecting a thicker heel will make your foot slap downward rather than to gently roll down, and will also create an increase in the possibility that your shins will become sore from the impact.

When you walk your foot ideally comes down heel first and will gradually roll into a heel to toe movement. This is the natural pattern, so a sole that flexes readily and has more bend is necessary, nearly the opposite of a running shoe.

Choose shoes that are lighter in weight and breath well to permit the foot to receive air. The heavier style walking shoes are not really suitable because they too can add to injury and prevent the natural movement of the foot.

What is most important in a walking shoe is proper fit. Make sure that the toe has room to move, and that there is at least a half inch between the largest toe and the end of the shoe to allow for socks and for feet which will swell slightly, or increase in size as you walk. Choose a width that will permit your foot to move freely but not allow the heel to slip out of the shoe when you walk. No shoe that is chosen for walking should be tight, binding or pinching even when it is new. The idea that the shoe will “break in” is sound in some cases I suppose, but not when you are selecting them to walk.


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