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You’ve paid the doctor a visit and been diagnosed with hypertension. High blood pressure. It doesn’t sound all that bad, its not like a disease or anything. Maybe it’s okay to keep on with your usual routine. No, in point of fact it isn’t.
High blood pressure is a very serious process and can cause secondary problems such as stroke and heart attack. The good news is, that you can keep track of your blood pressure and preclude issues with it by knowing where its currently running

High blood pressure, or hypertension, means that the pressure inside the walls of your blood vessels has increased.
This can happen because the blood volume has increased, the lumen, or vein has narrowed due to one of several reasons, or because a medication has created the problem.

Whatever the reason for yours, addressing it is absolutely necessary to your continued good health

If you believe that your blood pressure is high, don’t wait until you have other health issues to find out.

*How Do I Know If I Have High Blood Pressure?

The only real method of finding out whether or not you have hypertension is to have your blood pressure taken by a medical professional.

There are sometimes symptoms of hypertension, but very often there are none, until the stroke or heart attack happens.

*How Is Blood Pressure Tested?

Blood pressure is tested by the use of a sphygmomanometer, which is the typical blood pressure cuff that you see in the physicians office, or in the nurses bag.

It is wrapped snugly around your arm and then inflated.

The first beat that we hear as the cuff is deflated is the upper, or systolic blood pressure. This is the measure of the pressure against the arterial wall when the heart is at work, or when it is beating.

The second, or lower number in your blood pressure is the measure of pressure within that same lumen when the heart is at rest, or the diastolic pressure.

*Having Your Blood Pressure Taken

When your blood pressure is being measured, try to relax.
Hold your arm level with your waist, rather than permitting it to hang down at your side.

Never smoke immediately prior to having your pressure taken.

In today’s market and with new technical gadgets coming on daily, there is no reason why you can’t learn to take your own blood pressure and keep a careful record of it.

Machines are available at low costs that will take your blood pressure and not only take it, but also record electronically the last five or ten blood pressures.

Taking and recording your own blood pressure for several days will help you to determine if in fact it is high, in which case your physician can advise you on what to do.
When your blood pressure has been found high, a few things you can do. once you’ve visited the physician and gotten his or her approval.

get the right amount of exercise
try to eliminate needless stressors
lower your fat and salt intake
lose weight
Visit your doctor regularly and keep track of your blood pressure .


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