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The term arthritis is a very loose one that is used today to mean all kinds of join pain.
Arthritis, means literally, joint inflammation.
What you know as arthritis, those of us who have worked in the medical community know as DJD, or more fully, degenerative joint disease. As a nurse working the the elderly in a long term care facility, I don’t believe I saw more than a handful of those over the age of sixty without some type of joint pain.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the process, which has found a place in the body of more than 25 million people the world over. More often than not, the extremities are the first to suffer from the pain, incluiding knees, elbows, fingers and toes, however it can also wreak havoc on the neck and spine, making its way into your body gradually, as you age and the fluids within the joints are decreased.

There are a lot of things that will affect your pain, among them fatigue, strong emotional states such as anxiety as well as ardent work over a period of time.

In the past, people were often, at the first twinge of pain, expected to make an appointment, gather medication and some mild exercises and live with what was left to them, however thankfully, with some experimentation , we’ve found that there are better ways sometimes to deal with it.


Seems to work sometimes to help the pain of arthritis, however the reasons for it are not entirely clear.

It seems to work by the action of helping to erode away the joint calcification. Lemon juice has been used to cleanse the kidneys and alleviate arthritis pain and its accompanying stiffness in many sufferers while in others, it does not, but may in fact worsen their pain.

One word of caution to this one. Rinse your mouth thoroughly when you’ve drunk the lemon juice as it will also erode the enamel on your teeth to a certain degree.

Lemon tea is prepared by boiling four lemon leaves and three cups of water. Boil until water is reduced by about half. Add to this the juice of a lemon half, and a tablespoon of unprocessed honey, which has not been heated in any way.
This should be drunk at night, just prior to bed.

Has been used in folk medicine as an arthritis treatment and has been discovered to have a basis in medicine as well.
The olives and olive oil are taken by mouth, and instead of animal fats they are used to prepare your foods. The way olive oil works appears to be dual in nature

“It is thought that the acids in olive oil interfere in some way with the immune responses that promote the joint inflammation in the body. Olive oil also contains antioxidants which relieve some of the inflammation.”
Moreover, it was recently found out that the olive oil does in some ways parallel the action of ibuprofen, which is an NSAID, or a non steroidal anti inflammatory drug, which is the drug most frequently prescribed to lower both pain and inflammation of the joints in DJD..

Both Ibuprofen and Olive oil have a chemical called oleocanthal, which means that in as many cases, both things will help you to lower your pain, and to limit the actual inflammation that causes the pain in a natural way.

They are not alike chemical in most ways, but they do share this one chemical and property, and the effect is actually quite potent, much as it is in ibuprofen.

Olive oil , aside from helping to control your pain will also help you to reduce your chance of heart disease when you replace animal fats with it.

This is a remedy which has its origins so far back into time that it is nearly impossible to be traced, however it has been a documented health provider for over 2000 years.

In nearly every community and country where stinging nettles grow they have been used to alleviate the pain and joint stiffness of arthritis and literally hundreds of thousands of people swear by their effects as an anti-inflammatory drug..
In some cases they are used as an infusion, that is to say, as a tea, however in most cases the routine included being stung by the plant.

This process is known as urtication, because of the raised welt that the stinging nettle plant leaves.
The nettle plant contains tiny hairlike stingers which, when activated give minuscule injections of a co-mingling of chemicals, many of which are not classified as anti pain, or anti inflammatory, however, one MD reported that she believed that many of the chemicals which were injected could create some type of anti histamine response within the body due to the injections of a histamine and while part of the body’s response might go to the injection site, the other part may in fact go to the joint to relieve that inflammation.

The natural methods for healing the swelling and stiffness that is part of arthritis are nearly as many as there are sufferers from the disease process.

Some will work for you, while others won’t as with any type of treatment methods known to nature or medicine.
Finding one that works for you will mean researching some of the natural methods of treatment, and choosing the one that is compatible with your system and your lifestyle.

In the end you may not find what you are looking for, but should you be successful and the pain subsides, and it can be done in a more natural way, isn’t it worth your time to explore?

The information found within this article is intended only for your information and education. It is not intended to be a treatment or prescription of any kind. It is most assuredly NOT a substitute for a visit to your health care practitioner and should not be used to take the place of proper medical care.

While natural products do have a solid place in holistic care, no one should self diagnose, nor avoid regular care from a proper health care provider.

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