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With summer nearly over, people start to routinely turn to comfort food that are higher in calories. While heavier winter fare works wonderfully to warm us up, it can also mean that we emerge in the Spring weighing a little more than at the end of summer. To help keep your weight down this winter, look over this list of fattening foods.

Pot Pie

Severed hot, creamy, and delicious, a chicken pot pie can seem like the perfect choice for on a cold winter’s night. However, most pot pies out of the frozen food isle at the grocery store can contain over 1,000 calories and several hundred milligrams of sodium. For a slightly more heart healthy alternative, select a roast chicken breast and a hot, whole-wheat role instead.

Game Day Grub

With football season well underway, chances are you’ve already enjoyed a few Sundays standing in front of the grill or grabbing a few handful of chips, nachos, pizza, or ribs. Even those these treats go together with football like jokes about losing do with the Cleveland Browns, a 17 week season means a lot of extra calories. To help cut down on how much you eat while cheering on the home team, try serving some veggies as an alternative to chips and dips, and be sure to use a plate instead of repeatedly grazing over the buffet. This will allow you to keep better track of what, how much you’ve eaten.


For those with a proud German heritage, the idea of a fall full of potato salads, sausages, bratwurst, and beer is a happy one. Of course these delectable items are also high in calories as they are in taste. One brat, for example, contains roughly 95 calories per ounce, most of which come from unhealthy animal fat. To help reduce weight gain, try to limit yourself to small portions, and drink light beer instead of regular.


Another item perfect for a cold winter’s day, chili can cause some serious damage to your diet as most bowls routinely weigh in at around 500 calories each. Unless your eating a vegetarian chili made from reduced stock, the fatty beef, sausage, and cheese that usually go into these winter time wonders can also contain plenty of fat, as well. Chili and other types of meaty stews can be healthy, however, when made with lean meat, and plenty of vegetables and beans.

Creamy Soups

When you hear menu items like cream of potato, broccoli cheese, or beef stroganoff, your mind probably immediately conjures images of thick, rich, and hearty soups and stews. Be careful of these items because of the rich cheeses, and meats that go into these stews means more calories, especially if served in a bread bowl.

Seasonal Drinks

Hot chocolate and the holidays are another classic combination. But whether you’re sipping on hot chocolate, a pumpkin-spiced latte, cider, or a hot toddy, it’s easy to take in a lot more calories than you realize. An eight ounce up of hot chocolate without whipped cream contains roughly 190 calories, while the a similar sized glass of eggnog contains over 340 calories.

Timothy Lemke is a freelance writer. To read more of his work, visit the website of API/AMS, a Hillsboro machine shop.


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