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Every home should have certain things in it to aide you in determining when its necessary to take a child to the physician, or to help you to safely care for your children’s cuts and scrapes at home, when it is possible to do so.

Each home should of course have a first aid kit, but above and beyond that, particularly for any home with children, it is necessary to have a few items besides that will make life a little easier.

These small things should be stored in a central location so that everyone will know where to find them, but equally as important, will know where to put them back when they’ve finished with their use.

Having what you need, when you need it is important when you or one of your family members is injured in some way, or is sunburned etc. Its a bit late to find out after the injury that you don’t have what you need to care for it.

check your health cabinet monthly and replace outdated or missing items.

In your Home Health cabinet you should have:

A pediatric thermometer, or an Ear thermometer.

A hot water bottle

One or two ice packs and covers for them. (store the ice packs in the freezer to make sure they are ready for use at any given time)

Chemical cold wraps as well as a hot pack, that needs nothing more than being squeezed to become warm or hot respectively. (never lay them directly on the skin, but instead wrap them inside a wrap or in a washcloth or hand towel.

Burn ointment

Sunburn relief spray

Afterbit Insect stick


Gauze squares and wrap.

Adhesive tape.

Antibacterial spray

Antibiotic scrape ointment


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