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If your water isn’t as clear and sparkling as you think it should be, maybe it isn’t a bad idea to submit a sample of it for testing in your county.

Studies at Rutgers University show that we take in chemicals we should not take in while drinking water, but also while showering.
Taking in chemicals such as chlorine when we bath, is something we don’t want to do, since they can cause health ramifications when taken in over long periods of time.

In many cases, even if your water is of good quality, it has rust that colors it, and your clothing and will cause the algae formation as well.
If this sounds like your house then perhaps a whole house water filter is something you should consider installing in your own home.

Not only will it remove the heavy metals and chemicals that might be present in your water, but also the rusty water issues with your laundry and dishwashing as well as give you soft nice water rather than harder, more mineral filled water that will make cleaning easier.

With all the water problems lately and the large upswing in the demand for whole house filtration systems, many companies have gotten on board, who can’t back their claims for their device.

When you purchase a home filtration system, make sure that the one you select is not one of those which tends to exaggerate the performance of their equipment, or fails to document what they claim it will do.

Water treatment equipment is regulated rather heavily by the government, with some few states being far more regulatory than the rest. Those states include Iowa, California and Wisconsin.

Only companies who claims can be proven are permitted to sell equipment in those states.
If the company you are looking at does not do business in one of those states, chances are its because they are not permitted due to unsubstantiated claims for their equipment, and that company should be avoided studiously.

Companies that make wide sweeping claims such as, “contaminant removal” or “completely pure water” should be a red flag to you because for the most part, unless that claim is documented and can be proven, it isn’t reality.

For the most part, companies that make those broad sweeping claims, avoid doing business in states that are more heavily regulated, or can’t provide you with lab test data for the contaminants they claim their equipment will remove are companies whose product you don’t want to deal with.

Some of the better equipment, will in reality, cost less than those which cost a great deal more and actually don’t deliver what they say. A few whole house filters are reviewed below, along with pricing for the equipment as well as the annual cost to operate it.

The Rhino EQ 300, at a retail price of about 995.00 USD, will remove chlorine, particulates, and has an annual cost for its use of about 250 USD.

The Wellness MG retails for about 5950.00 USD, removes 99% chlorine, is certified to 500,000 gallons, will cost about 60.00 USD per month, with an annual operational cost of about 750.00 USD

ECOWATER, with an upfront cost of about 3000.00 USD, also removes chlorine, particulates, costs about 60 USD to operate and about 700 per year.

There are several other reputable companies who offer water filtration systems, among them, Culligan, and Sears Kenmore.


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