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Do you gain weight during the holidays that you have trouble shedding once the Christmas season is gone?
Many people do gain unwanted weight over the holidays due to the many parties and gatherings and the wide selection of foods that are available, and virtually pushed under your nose during this season, which is so filled with goodies and treats that it can catch us unawares.

If you’re one of the folks who views the scales in a panic when January rolls around, here are a few ways to bypass that panic and avoid the holiday weight gain.

Approach your weight control responsibly, like any other aspect of your health and realize that you probably aren’t going to be able, or even want to avoid the tasty treats during the holiday season, because if you do, you are going to feel cheated.
Choose your foods wisely, but don’t limit yourself to bland boring far during the season.
Whats better by far is that you pay attention to the balance of what you eat, as opposed to attempting to eat only the foods that have no calories and no real taste.

Eating protein foods first will help you to feel fuller faster. No exceptions, eat some protein at every meal or snack fest.

Eat some raw veggies as opposed to the starchy potatoey type vegetables.

Eat a protein prior to consuming an alchohol, such as cheese prior to taking in wine, or sausage before beer.

If you know you are going to want to try some of those small desserts, then simply avoid the starchy things in the main course.

Plan ahead. Take note of all the choices before you fill your plate and preplan how best to maintain a careful balance between proteins, fats and sugars.

If you know that only cookies or other types of snacks will be served, take a bit of beef jerky or some other variety with you or snack on it on the way.

Water with lemon juice will help you to feel fuller so that you are not so tempted to eat so much of the sugary snacks.

Try to pay attention to whats available to you and make sure that during your holiday forays into snack world, you balance proteins, such as pate, chicken wings, sausage, or beef stick and cheeses, with any alcohols or fatty foods.

This will help you to control your appetite better and prevent your consumption of massive amounts of the wrong foods.

If you know in advance that you are going to overeat on perhaps the wrong foods, plan time for a workout the next day.
Twenty minutes walking of physical activity will help you to maintain control of your weight, and not have you trying to do what I call binge dieting when the holidays have come and gone.One of my favorite nutritionists is Lee Coyne who also happens to be the author of a super book called  Fat Won’t Make You Fat, recommends that the proper balance is 30/30/40.(30 percent protein,30 percent fat,40 percent carbohydrates) His books may give you a heads up on the way to select your foods so that you can control your appetite better and still enjoy the foods that you want during the holiday season.


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