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Maybe you’re an avid golfer who has hit a plateau or maybe you’re a beginner whose handicap is golf!

Either way, your golf score can improve if you only take the time to implement some golf tips from the pros.

Golf is a game of precision, and a few minor changes can really make the difference in your game.

Lowering your golf score is 90 percent mental - get your head straight if you want to hit the ball even straighter!
Lowering your golf score is 90 percent mental - get your head straight if you want to hit the ball even straighter!

Consider the following tips to shave a few points off of your golf handicap.

  • Practice. The unfortunate reality is that you’ll never be a good golfer without putting in some time on the links. And make sure to practice all of the aspects of the game. Good putting will do you no good if you can’t get onto the green, and good drives won’t do you any good either if you can’t make the hole.
  • When you’re practicing, try adjusting your stance to see if that improves your control and power, since even a difference of a half an inch can improve your play. Try standing a little closer or further away from the ball. Try placing your feet a little further apart or a little closer together. The ideal stance recommended by experts is a good place to start, but you may need to adjust it slightly to maximize your play. Find out what works best for you, and just as importantly, what doesn’t work.
  • Golf rounds are usually about two-thirds putting and one-third driving, so working specifically on your putting will give you the highest yield in terms of improving your golf score.
  • Consider taking a course or two from a certified PGA teacher. There are some common golf swing problems that you can learn about from books and magazines, but nothing takes the place of a lesson from someone who can look at your stance and correct your golf swing on the spot.
  • Whenever you can, get out on the golf course with good golfers. Watch players with low handicaps and try to learn from their technique. Watch what clubs they select and how they handle shots to help improve your approach.
  • If ball control is a problem, shorten your swing a little. If you hit the ball as hard as you can every time, it’s more likely to go wild. But a shorter golf swing allows for greater control.
  • Have your clubs evaluated. Your stature and your swing may be working at odds with your clubs, and a certified professional can help to make sure that they’re working together to make you the best golfer possible.
  • Make sure that you eat before you hit the golf course. A lot of early morning golfers are in such a rush to get out there that they don’t eat a thing before they leave. But you need fuel to help you concentrate and to improve your power. The shakes aren’t going to help your control; ward them off with a complex carb and some protein. It’s also a good idea to drink some water so that you’re not dehydrated.



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