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Finding new romances is never easy; how lucky do you feel?
Finding new romances is never easy; how lucky do you feel?
Whether you’re new to the dating scene or you’re just recovering from a nasty breakup, it’s hard to get out there.

When it comes to relationship advice, the key is to meet people and be yourself.

But sometimes it seems near impossible to meet other singles that you have things in common with.

Luckily, relationship help isn’t far away. There are many different places to meet people if you just think outside of the box.

Here are a few suggestions on how to get out there and find romance.

  • Online Dating Sites – There are a variety of online dating sites that can help you to find the right person for you. Take the time to consider what’s important to you, write a profile that accurately reflects your tastes and personality, and above all, be honest. Yes, you may get more hits if you say you have the figure of Angelina Jolie or the face of Brad Pitt, but if that’s not true in real life, what will you do when it comes time for a real date?
  • Singles Events – Partner up with another single friend and head on out to some singles events. You can try a singles dinner, a cocktail event, or even a cruise. The best part is that you know the attendees are available; you just need to find someone that you click with romantically.
  • Coffee Shops – If you’ve got the time, take a copy of your favorite book and head out to a coffee shop. Install yourself near the door and take the time to greet people as they come in. Don’t hide behind your book; use it as a conversation starter.
  • Clubs or Special Interest Groups – If you’re really interested in an activity like hiking or writing, it would be nice if your love relationship partner were interested in it too. The easiest way to find someone who shares your interest is to join a group and get out to some activities.
  • Classes – Take a class. You can further your education at a local college or consider taking art at a community center. Not only do you expand your horizons, but you also have the opportunity to meet new people. And if there aren’t any available singles in your class, don’t despair. Hang out in the halls before and after class and you’ll be surprised at how many people you can meet.


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