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As anyone who has a pet knows, even the most obedient and the more well behaved can have an accident that renders us needing to clear it away and hope to find a method to prevent a stain or an odor that another pet might feel it necessary to cover.

Our pets are like our children, and while they give us a vast amount of pleasure and a lot of fun, they aren’t always as clean as we might wish they were, and even the cleanest can once in a while be ill and create a problem on the carpet or upholstery that we need to find a way to deal with.

This is particularly true of cats, and in the case of puppies, they will go, where that scent remains. We’ve all had to deal with training a new puppy and you know how frustrating that can be at times.. he chooses a spot that isn’t your first choice to potty, and if that scent isn’t completely removed then thats the spot where he will find to go each and every time your head is turned and you aren’t watching him.

Some truly good products are out there which are not toxic or harmful but use natural methods to remove, not just to cover the odor and help to lift the stain.

Among the best of these is OUT.

Out is priced to be affordable, is effective not just on pet odors but also for thins such as mildew, and sewer backup as well as removing the odors AND the stains that are caused by urine, vomit, feces and even spilled food. It is very effective on any organic waste odor and I have used it to remove mildew from a shower curtain with great success.

Out is truly wonderful for use on any watersafe fabric and I”ve personally used it when one of the cats has been sick on a sofa, or carpet, with super results as well as adding it to my carpet shampooer, since it is able to be mixed with nearly any shampoo, without harmful odors or fumes.

Its important to note that it is also perfect for use, being approved for application to stain resistant carpets and the the formula used is an all natural one, which means its easy on the environment as well as your furnishings.

If you are a pet owner, aside from the toys, the foods, the vitamins and the love, the only other thing you need to keep on hand is a bottle of “Out”…just in case.

Out can be found at most pet supply stores, as well as Walmart, Target and other department stores in your area. I promise, it will make you happy to be a pet owner.


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