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These pillows are not only wonderful for your pet, but also for you, if you want something that will be comfy to sit on  on the floor. They are super for helping to keep your pet warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Foam is super stuff to work with and a very comfortable place to rest, doing what is says, by retaining a memory of the way your pet is lying.

Foam sheeting is available in many sizes and usually is sold by the running foot, with varying thicknesses available as well. You can find it at any crafting supply or fabric store.

Materials you will need:

Foam sheeting in the thickness and size you select.

2 yards of faux leather, or faux sheepskin,  preferably breathable and washable.

snap tape (tape with snaps on it about every inch or two inches.

thread to match your fabric


sewing machine or hand needles

tape measure.

1. Add about 1″ extra on every side as a seam allowance and cut 2 pieces of fabric to the dimensions you need.

2. Measure and cut a strip of snap tape that is one inch shorter than your shortest side. My pillow was about 25 x 20, so my snap tape measured about 19 inches

3.Place right sides together and stitch all the way around three sides of the faux leather, using a straight stitch at about a size 2 so that it is stronger.

4. clip the seams back at the corner so that it will turn well and the corners are tight.

5. leaving the pillow casing inside out, turn the edges over on the fourth side and line up the snap tape, one side of the snap tape on each side of the pillow casing.

6. Turn the pillow casing right side out and insert the foam inside.

7. Snap up the snaps and its ready to roll.

When laundering, its not necessary to wash the inner portion each time you wash the outer one, which is why we added the snaps.

The foam will last longer if it is washed about every third time the pillow is done..   When washing, wash on a cold water cycle and allow the foam and cover to air dry separately.


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