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Fleas can cause mental and physical anguish to you and your loved ones. Practicing proper flea control methods is important to eliminating these pests and preventing them from returning.

Fleas are very tough insects and are unyielding when choosing a host to overrun. Heavily populated states have been the latest casualty of many flea infestations. These small pests can go overlooked for an extended period of time. Prominent on pets, they prowl deep within fur and munch on them until it’s unbearable. As your pet moves from couch, to bed, to floor—and even onto you—fleas jump to the same places as well. Follow the easy Flea Control guide to shield your family and pets.

Start With a Bath

A great place to start is bathing your pet. Drowning fleas is a simple method and it can be one of the most effective to promptly eliminate them off from your pet. Choose an appropriate flea control shampoo, and use a small-toothed comb to go through each section of his or her hair to remove any fleas you can find. It’s vital to note, however, that eggs must be detached as well. Get to the pet’s skin and comb up to remove all eggs and fleas. Your local pet groomer can help as well.

Keep Fleas Out of Your Home

As your pet moves about your home, he or she drops eggs and adult fleas. They can be lurking in crevices and carpeting. It is important that you completely dust and vacuum your home. Use a flea control product like a powder or spray on any spots where your pet has been present. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the product properly. For effective flea control, keep your bathed pet away from the tainted areas to prevent recontamination. Fleas are master jumpers and get to almost any destination they so desire, so lookout!

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Effective Flea Control in your Yard

Pets can pick up fleas from being outdoors, or they can drop eggs and adults into the yard. Therefore, it is best to use flea control outdoors, as well. There is a broad assortment of products that work well. In particular, look for bug or insecticides that specifically indicate they target fleas. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for using the product. Don’t forget to spray flowerbeds to kill fleas totally.

Follow these fundamental guidelines and your battle against fleas will be a breeze. If you use these control methods and still have trouble with fleas, a professional exterminator may be the best answer. They can provide a systematic cleaning of your home making your life easier. Make sure to check the customer feedback of your local exterminators to ensure the best pest termination possible. The fight for a flea-free world begins with you.

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