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While it sounds like a challenging task, giving your dog’s teeth regular cleaning actually becomes easy with a little patience and practice.

If possible, you should ideally brush your pet’s teeth daily (as you should with your own teeth!), but even performing the regimen at least once a week will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease, prolonging your dog’s overall health and longevity!

What you will need:

  • Doggie Dental Kit, including toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Doggie Treats
  • A comfortable, flat surface

Step by step instructions to brush your dog’s teeth:

  1. Before you begin a regiment of regular teeth brushing with your dog, you should have your veterinarian check his teeth first. If your pup has any type of tooth decay or gum disease, he may feel discomfort or pain and could become aggressive enough to try biting you. Ask your Vet for guidance before beginning the exercise.
  2. When you approach your dog to inspect his mouth, always give him praise and perhaps a nice treat so that he becomes acclimated and accepts the process more readily.
  3. You can find a good doggie dental hygiene kit online or through your veterinarian or local pet supply store. Be sure to read the instructions and ask your vet for any specific recommendations.
  4. Be sure your puppy is sitting on a comfy surface when you brush her teeth.
  5. In general, try to use minimal restraint on your pet while brushing’ especially if it’s a cat. However, it may be easier to handle an especially reluctant cat by wrapping him in a towel to keep him from scratching or trying to escape.
  6. Use a gentle brushing motion when cleaning your dog’s teeth.
  7. Give your dog a tartar-control doggie treat as a reward to help encourage him or her in accepting the tooth brushing habit. Also encourage your dog to drink water after brushing to help rinse out the toothpaste.


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