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Many dogs aren’t happy about getting their nails trimmed but most of them, particularly those which are full time in the home will need that particular task accomplished at least every couple weeks.

Start your dog younger with having his nails done so that he is used to having it done and doesn’t give you any more grief than is strictly necessary.

Most dogs will stay in your lap and permit you to do it while some will require some kind of restraint.

I personally have a larger dog and it is necessary for me to hold the dog firmly between my knees so that she doesn’t move or play while I am cutting..
Penny has always had her nails cut and does not respond badly to it, however she does tend to like to wiggle or play and while I’m cutting isn’t the time to permit that.

There are several types of nail trimmers.. I personally like the guillotine variety and find this the least traumatic to even a dog who isn’t accustomed to having his nails done.

The scissor variety will help you to trim toenails that are long enough that they have begun to curl. Longer toenails can actually embed into the pad of the toe,

Many dogs will have darker colored nails so that you can’t necessarily see the “quick of the nail, but you can prevent yourself from damaging the nail or making it bleed by clipping off just about a quarter of an inch at a time for the very longer nail, to just a quarter inch total if your dogs nails are cut regularly.

The dog with lighter colored nails will make this easier in that you will be able to see by the darkening of the nail where the quick actually begins.

Grasp your dogs foot firmly and place the nail to be cut into the opening.
Squeeze gently and the blade will do the rest.


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