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As a pet owner of two chocolate Labrador Retrievers and someone who has worked a great deal with both feral cats and strays over the course of the past few years, I have had the necessity of using flea treatments of many types on different animals.

Among those I have used are the Hartz Mountain, Sargeants Spray as well as Frontline and Biospot, and Frontline Spray.

I was personally less than impressed with the Hartz Mountain spot on treatment and found it ineffective in the area where I live, which is relatively high heat and humidity, and a truly overabundant flea season this year. Having treated about ten ferals we had trapped to to care for prior to releasing, the treatment was effective for about three days, when we began to again notice the fleas on the animals we were feeding.

Sargeants was a bit more effective but frankly was less than good enough when compared with the trouble it took to capture and treat them. When we tried it on my own cats, the result was that it lasted about 7 days as well, which is just about the norm for the flea shampoo they produce as well.

It is however based on plant materials and does kill the fleas and protect for a few days besides. It is also economical however in comparison to the number of times it would have to be used the expense just about balances out to the other , more expensive flea treatments.

Biospot, while effective, caused a reaction in two of the five cats we used it on, tremors in the mildest reaction we saw and a near seizure in another, at which point we discontinued using it on any of the cats.

While I decry the use of some of the highly toxic chemicals in the flea treatment Frontline, I do admit that for your money, Frontline Spray is the best and brightest among flea treatments, and will in fact treat far more, and far more inexpesively than any other variety, and treat them well. It does not however last the amount of time that you are given on the bottle, and instructions, the maximum amount of time that it lasted, even given a very thorough dosing of the product was just under three weeks, which was still a great deal longer than the others.

One note of caution, Frontline was also among the most highly pungent and caused a breathing difficulty with my husband, even spraying outdoors in an open area. Under no circumstances forgo wearing a respirator when you spray your animals. with this product.

Those instances and cautions aside, Frontline is a premier product that does a good job in removing fleas and pests in your pets, and lasts a superior amount of time., preventing new flea eggs from hatching on your pet as well as killing those which have already done so.

The price, being just about 25 USD for a spray bottle which will effectively do ten or more animals, is certainly acceptable.

The only true down sides of it seem to be its ultra toxicity and the very obnoxious odor which tends to linger endlessly.


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