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Now that winter is approaching, its a sure bet that many of our utility bills are going to hit the roof, and create costs that we just don’t want to be burdened with each month.

Particularly for older people, or those on a fixed income, significant rises in the cost of utilities can create real hardships. Finding a way to lower the cost of your utilities is particularly important for these folks.

There are some simple ways to lower your utility costs that are easily doable by any do it yourselfer.
Take a look at your own, and check out those of your parents as well so that their heat and light bills can be lowered, giving them a break on the monthly bills.

Lower your thermostat

Taking it down a notch, even only by 5 or 10 degree’s will save about ten percent on your heating bill.
Before you head for bed, lower the heat, and cuddle under warm blankets.

Use fluorescent bulbs
Replacing just four or five light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs can reduce the cost of your home electric bill by about 25 % on the cost of the bulb operations.
Try to remember to turn off the lights in the rooms that you are not in. Many people who have difficulty seeing at night and leave on a light, can benefit from a small night light that will see when you enter the room and turn on for your, using electric eye technology.

Lower your water heaters temperature
setting by about 20 degrees, and wrap your heater in an insulating blanket to prevent it from cooling so rapidly.

This will save you about 100 dollars per year in the electric bill to heat your water.
Insulation blankets are not recommended for gas water heaters.
Consider changing from gas hot water heater to electric, which is not only a cleaner but a less expensive source of heat.
Many electric co-ops, among them Southern Power District, will offer you a free hot water tank for your home if you will permit them to install a timer to turn off the power to your heater for certain overnight hours.

Check the Attic Insulation:
Many times the heat will be lost when attic insulation is compromised and it should be checked each year. Heat rises and most of it is lost to the attic.

Weather Stripping:

If you lay your hand against the edge of your door and you can feel a draft, then some felt weather stripping is in order to keep your home warmer and your utility bill lower.
The more drafts that enter your home, the harder that your furnace or heater has to work to keep your house warm.

These are the top five ways to lower your utility bills and there are others that are out there for you to explore.
Making sure that our homes are warm and our bills are affordable is something we are all concerned about.

If you’d like to find other methods to keep your house and your family warm without breaking the bank, pay a visit to Energy Efficient.com


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