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Electricity has been going up and up both in price and in environmental and health impacts. It uses a lot of our natural resources. Most of our electricity is coal generated. Coal is dangerous, stinky and unsustainable. By using less energy and adopting a greener lifestyle, we can immensely lighten our footprint. There are plenty of ways in greening your electricity. Here is a brief guide and some solid suggestions in going green with your electricity use.

  • Audit yourself

A home energy audit is an assessment of how much energy you are using at home. It will tell you where energy is lost and where it can be saved. You can do the energy audit by yourself or get a professional to do it for you. It is also offered free by some utilities.

  • Reduce the use of electricity

Follow these simple steps in achieving this:

  • Turn off the lights and other devices when not in use.
  • Replace your bulb lights with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs)
  • Television and other electronic devices that are on standby mode continue to use power. Unplug those devices when not in use.
  • AC Adaptors or what you call “wall warts” on many power cables, pull current too/ Take them out when not in use.
  • Cloth driers use a lot of power. Do line drying instead.
  • Buy wisely
  • Appliances and other devices are one of the biggest users of energy. Always look for the yellow Energy Guide Level when buying your appliances. Also look for Energy Star rated products.

    • Build your House that is Solar Friendly

    Enormous savings can be realized when you design and build your home to incorporate natural light and ventilation. Use the sun’s path to warm your house in the winter and cool it in the summer using Passive Solar Design.

    • Install a home energy alternative system

    This is becoming more and more cost effective. Photovoltaic, or solar electric are the most common. It can provide all the energy in a typical home. This system has solar panels that get the sun’s energy and make it useable electricity for your home. Check with your local power utility about other available programs.

    • Sign up for Green Power

    Power utilities offer a green power option program. When you avail of this, the local utility will buy renewable energy such as solar or wind power and then passes it along to customers. It would cost a little bit more but you will help support the green power industry.

    • Put your homes on a diet

    Homes are the big consumers of enormous amount of energy especially in cooling and heating. Do these simple moves that can cut your electricity bill.

    • Use natural ventilation instead of air conditioning as much as possible
    • Use in-room ceiling or whole house fans to move air throughout the house
    • Wrap your water tank in an insulating blanket to save on power
    • Block the sunlight during hot hours of the day to lower your cooling load.


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