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Making certain that you have a last will and testament is one of the most important aspects of protecting those you care for.

Many of us will avoid the issue, because it is not a pleasant thing to consider, but also because the cost of an attorney is not inconsiderable.

DIY Wills
DIY Wills
However, unless you desire that all that you have spent your life working for is simply up for grabs, and that the court decides the fate of your children and property, it is more than imperative that you select the people who will attend to those details and make sure that it is legally documented to survive you in the event that you are not around to see to your childrens welfare.

As disconcerting as that may sound, about a quarter of adult Americans have a will and don’t update it regularly when they do have one.

It is no longer necessary to pay an exhorbitant fee to provide for the future of your children and property, since a wider and wider selection of software and programs that are now online exist to provide that will for you.

While most people can and should make a will, they should also realistically evaluate whether a do it yourself will will be adequate for their purposes.

You should in fact consider hiring an attorney if you want a trust fund set up or have a special needs child who requires some financial arrangements made for their future.

You should also consult an attorney if you believe that there is a family member who will contest that will.
If it is your intent to completely overlook your spouse.

Fop the record, you cannot normally do this while you are married, however an attorney can explain your options.

Quite unlike older versions of a preprinted will, the software that is in place today, both online and for sale, has advice and legal assistance to help you create a will in under two hours and update it whenever your personal information or situation might change.


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