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Inevitably at some point during the Holidays one or more people will swing by for a hi and how you doing. Since there’s rarely lead time on such arrivals, we keep a pot of mulled cider in a crock pot all weekend long. This way we have something warm and welcoming to offer guests, and if guests don’t come – well, the kids enjoy it after playing in the snow!

To make this yourself is very easy.

Pour a gallon of cider in the crock pot.

Add 1/2 cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon each of allspice berries and whole cloves, stick cinnamon (about 3), one whole orange sliced thin, several slices of ginger root (2-3), and a hint of nutmeg.

Leave this on the lowest setting to enjoy sunup and sundown!

Now if your guests stay a while, as they’re often wont to do, you can put together a fun little treat and get them to help with it.

Everyone go to the kitchen and grab a small glass.

In the bottom of the glass have each guest crumble up a favorite cookie.

While they pick out their cookie (and eat a few) you make up a

vanilla pudding

using 1.5 cups of milk,

1/4 cup of flour,

1 egg,

1/2 cup of sugar

and two capfuls of vanilla extract.

Beat this thoroughly together then warm them over a low flame.

Keep stirring until the pudding comes to a rolling boil (it will thicken now) and pour a little into each person’s cup.

On top of that first layer add some jelly or crushed fruit, and another layer of pudding.

Let your guests top the last layer with another cookie!

TaDa! A great group project and tasty too.


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