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Christmas dinner is all about the taste and range of food on offer. However, on some occasions it’s all about appearance, appearance, appearance!!! Specifically at a formal Christmas dinner party, the individuality, class and style of the table setting and food preparation leaves an impression on your guests, so a nice representation of table setting is a great way to leave a positive impression on guests.

At Christmas we get a chance to shine and explore with the colours and the presentation of a cooked meal. A colour scheme, table cloth, card placements, table mats, napkins, plates and cutlery are the main characteristics of any table dinner. Nevertheless, these things come at an expense. An expense that can seem high for this time of year due to the need to buy gifts and other necessities on the run up to Christmas. As with many things, you can reduce this cost by creating minor things at home that can help towards the needs of the event.

I recently hosted a dinner party for a group of friends and I stunned my guests with the things that I had made personally and things that were so easy to make. The main eye catcher of the night was my napkin rings which I specifically made for the event. They took me no longer than three quarters of an hour to make 14 of them. It was simple and cost me as little as $8.

napkin ring example
napkin ring example


Glue gun (recommended) or PVA glue

Scissors Shower curtain rings, the colour of your choice – I recommend them to be the same colour as your chosen colour scheme (as many as necessary for the number of guests) Satin ribbon, the colour of your choice

Green artificial leaves

Artificial leaves, the colour of your choice


Step 1: Take a shower curtain ring and place on your work surface.

Step 2: Arrange the leaves and ribbon onto the curtain ring until you are satisfied with the arrangement.

Step 3: When you are completely satisfied, take your glue and glue each piece into place ensuring to hold the pieces in place until they are secure.

Step 4: Leave to dry.

Step 5: Repeat the steps for each napkin ring you desire.

And there you have it. As simple as one, two, three, four, five. A perfect and simple way to make your Christmas dinner look stylish and leave a positive impact on your guests. This process can be re-enacted to make napkin rings for any occasion simply by changing the decorative tools used for the design.


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