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A fair majority of people in the United States spend as much as two hours of personal time a day staring at computer screens. This doesn’t account for the numbers who also have to use computers at work. So it’s not surprising if our eyes feel stressed sometimes, and stress is one of the causes of puffy eyes.

Other causes include retaining fluids, changes in hormones, intense emotion, eating too much salt, and allergic reactions. Additionally certain illnesses, the lack of sleep, aging, high blood pressure and dehydration all can contribute to puffy eyes especially first thing in the morning.

The simplest solution for puffy eyes caused by strain or crying is to rinse them with cold water or applying an ice pack over the eyes, a few minutes on and a few minutes off. I find if I don’t vary it, sometimes a headache erupts. For symptoms caused by allergies or salt intake, drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush your system. Chilled tea bags (plain black tea or chamomile), potato slices, apple slices, or cucumber slices also provide some relief for puffy eyes of all causes. Apply these chilled for 15-30 minutes.

If you’d like to make a nice soak for your eyes there are a lot of blends to consider. The simplest is a little rosewater on cotton applied to closed eyes for about 20 minutes. Personally I like to mix the rosewater with very cold whole milk.

Similarly a pint of hot water with two teaspoons of salt applied to the eyes helps. Make sure the water isn’t burning hot, and re-soak the pads you use when they cool over 20 minutes time. Vitamin E and aloe can both be applied carefully around your eye. And, you can make a skin-tightening blend of beaten egg white brushed under the eyes with a little witch hazel.

Beyond this, remember to watch your salt intake. Don’t wear makeup to bed (this reduces irritation and the chance of infection). Sleeping with your head elevated decreases fluid build up in the eyes, as does sleeping on your back. Also when you first wake up avoid rubbing your eyes as this will only increase the irritation, meaning it will take longer to decrease the puffiness.



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