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Create your own natural baby salve to keep your baby feeling smooth and comfy!
Create your own natural baby salve to keep your baby feeling smooth and comfy!
Taking care of our skin is a life-long necessity, and for a baby it’s even more important. Why? Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is our body’s first safeguard against things that could harm us from outside.

With a baby’s skin being new and very tender, it’s important that we take care in what we put thereon. Also, babies love to put their fingers and toes in their mouths, making a natural baby skin salve seem like the perfect solution.

Commercial baby lotions typically have a petroleum product as a foundation, but it’s not the best choice for absorption. A better choice for the home crafter is any vegetable oil.

To this base all manner of options exist. For example, you can take a little vegetable oil and add a little dried milk and cornstarch into it, forming a paste. Add more oil until its smooth and spreadable, and wa-la ‚ a soothing cream for baby’s bottom. If the baby is more than 6 months old, you may also add a drop of lavender oil into the blend.

By the way, if you can find it arrowroot powder can be used in place of cornstarch (or as a 50-50 blend). For something even more spreadable, simply add more oil or try a slightly different recipe. Follow these steps to create your homemade natural baby lotion:

  1. Begin with 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil, add about 1 tbs. vitamin E (available at many health food stores), and two tbs. dried comfrey.
  2. Warm this over a low heat and strain.
  3. Take the strained solution and add about 1 tbs. melted wax (beeswax is best). Pour this into a wide mouth container and beat the mixture together until cooled.
  4. You now have a product very close to cold cream that will moisurize, heal, sooth and provide antioxidant elements.
  5. Note any time you’re making a new blend for baby, only make a little and be painstakingly aware of your proportions. Test a small amount on a tiny space of skin, such as the heel, to be certain your baby won’t have a bad reaction to it. Remember, your child is meeting various elements of the natural world for the first time, and there’s never any perfect way to know to what they may be allergic.


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