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Sometimes life can get a bit hectic. A day of chores, work, children and noise, can often get on top of you. My favourite way to wind down at the end of the day is with a nice hot bath. The set up of a bath can effect the amount of relaxation, so here is a tip to create the ultimate relaxing bath.-Poor scented bubble bath into running water.-Surround the room with candles that add a glow to the room-Put on a little bit of slow music

-Lay back, relax and let the stresses of the day exit through the tips of your toes.

*If it has been a very stressful day I like to enjoy a glass of wine whilst indulging in my bath.*

bath tub
bath tub
Essential oils, such as lavender, are often used as stress relief remedies because the aroma of them relax the muscles and also leave a fresh and sweet fragrance around the room. Most bathroom products have some essence of essential oils within the ingredients. However, why not save a little cash and make your own bathing products?

I recently found out how fizz bombs are made. They’re so simple to make and so I thought, as I always do, that I would experiment with them by adding a few more ingredients to add a little scent and some other bits and pieces.


2 tbs citric acid

2 tbs cornstarch

¼ cup baking soda

3 tbs vegetable oil

2 bowls

Wax paper or bath mould (necessary for shaped fizz bombs and available at most craft stores)


¼ tsp essential fragrance oil of your choice

3-6 drops food colouring of your choice

½ cup of dried flowers


Step 1: Take the first bowl and add the citric acid, the corn snatch and the baking soda into the bowl.

Step 2: Take the second bowl and add the vegetable oil, food colouring and fragrance into the bowl. Step 3: Mix together.

Step 4: Add the dried flowers.

Step 5: Slowly poor the ingredients in the second bowl into the first bowl. Be sure not to poor the ingredients within the two bowls together too quickly as it may cause the reaction before you can use it in the tub.

Step 6: Mix all of the ingredients together well.

Step 7: Poor the mixture into bath bomb moulds or make 1 inch balls and place them onto waxed paper.

Step 8: Leave to set on a flat surface.

Step 9: The bath bombs should harden within two to three minutes. However, be sure to leave them at least 24 hours before use or storage.


In order to store fizz bombs place in cling film or in a sealed container away from moisture.

Within 24 hours you will be able to indulge in an aromatic and relaxing bath with the products you made yourself. These are also great as gifts. Simply present them in a cup, basket or container and decorate the packaging with things such as ribbon. In addition, why not add a little personal note.

These are the perfect, personal gifts that are ideal for your grandparents, your mother, your sister, your friends… these fizz bombs can even be enjoyed by males (but be sure to give them the gift fizz bombs discretely. We wouldn’t want to offend their masculinity after all.)



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