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With the cold and flu season nipping at our doorsteps, its good to know about various herbs and other natural items you have at home that can be used to offset nasty symptoms and get our bodies working effectively again. Every home hobbiest has a special‚ cure all. What’s being presented here is a blend of the best mixes that also tastes good. Let’s face it, remedies do little good if you can”t stomach them.


The primary ingredient found in nearly all tea blends of this nature is lemon juice. It’s high in vitamin C and supports the immune system. Similarly helpful to the immune system are two other key ingredients: honey and ginger. For this very basic blend you‚ll one ‚½ inch of freshly ground ginger root, 2 tbs. fresh lemon juice, 2 tbs. honey and about ‚½ quart of boiling hot water. Let this steep completely for 15 minutes. Strain into a container that you can re-heat as desired (this is, however, also good cold to sooth the throat). For best results have about 1 cup of this every 2 hours to flush the system and keep yourself hydrated.

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The Ancient Romans has something akin to this recipe but it was based in honey to which fresh lemon, finely minced ginger (or ginger juice) and crushed garlic or garlic juice was added. People took this a teaspoon at a time for a sore throat / cold much as we might cough syrup. It also happens to make a lovely glaze for chicken! Clever herbalists might also add some hot red pepper to clear the sinuses, cinnamon to warm the body, and a little lavender to sooth the nerves. Still makes a good chicken glaze!

Whether you use the tea or honey method, remember to keep drinking filtered water, continue to get a lot of rest, take your vitamins, and consider a nasal irrigation of warm salt water and baking soda. This clears your nose and helps battle sinus infections. Symptoms that don”t improve in a few days should be reported to a physician.


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