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Haven’t some of your best gifts been the kind that were home made. That were very much like you are in nature and took time and effort and real thought to produce?

This is one of those gifts that is unusual enough to be interesting and is elegant in looks and makeup.

I found this ages ago in a book and have made them endlessly, sold them and given them as gifts.

Nothing spells romance like a soft scent and some victorian style jewelry and this combines those two elements naturally.


Materials you will need

About 150 Costmary leaves ( a very historical and useful herb, traditionally used as bookmarks in Bibles and prior to that in other historical texts)
Fragrance Oil of your choice (I used white clover)
1 cup ground myrrh
vegetable oil
small spoon
straight pins
plastic foam tray ( as in one of those that meat come in, well washed of course)
dental floss or thin linen cording, waxed
Natural beads, such as glass, silver, aventurine or malachite look lovely as does azurite
beading needle
clean glass jar
cotton balls
needle threader
necklace clasp.

Remove the stems from the costmary leaves.
cut them into pieces and place in a small saucepan, barely cover with water and simmer on low heat until the water is gone.
cover with water again and repeat the process, simmering until the water evaporates.

process them in a food processor or blender until they are a fine paste, perhaps adding a bit of water to process it well
return to the saucepan and simmer on a VERY low heat until it is nothing more than a thick paste.(this willhelp to dry the paste slightly and make it far easier to roll)

transfer it to a glass or ceramic bowl. Do not use plastic bowls for this step.
add about fifteen drops of fragrance oil.
add the myrrh until the mixture is one lumped up mass. From this point on, work rapidly ..

Oil your hands lightly with the vegetable oil
Roll a piece of it into a pea sized lump and place a straight pin through the center of the bead, pinning it to the foam tray.

Continue this process until all the mixture is gone, working rapidly and making sure to push the pin down past the point, so that you leave yourself an adequate hole in each bead to permit you to string it easily.
Place the beads in a warm dry area. They will take about two or three days to dry.

String the beads, alternating your other natural beads with the scented ones. and add the clasp at the end.
you may also use some of these on the wire type earring findings to make matching earrings.

WHen not being worn, store the necklace in a glass jar to preserve the scent. If it does wear down after many months, you may spritz it lightly with essential oil mixed with a bit of grain alcohol.

To keep the scent stronger, you can glue a cottn ball to the inside of the lid of your jar, which has been moistened with the frangrance oil of your choice.


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