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Whether you’re born with dry hair, have treated hair, overly curly hair or whatever, a large number of people struggle with “the frizz”. I know that there are days when I get out of bed, look in the mirror, and wonder where the electrical socket lives in my bed. This is doubly true during cold, dry months. I give whole new meaning to static

The reality is that nearly all frizzy hair is the result of a lack of water. It’s not about natural oil, or hot oil treatments, but really about moisture. Your hair’s ability to retain moisture directly relates to porosity, akin to a sponge and how much liquid it will soak up. Hot oil treatments won’t really help this because they lay on the surface of the hair, and don’t penetrate further than that. What you get is a temporary gloss, but no type of long-term help. illiance. However, it will also coat the hair.

There’s also the chance that your hair is dry from product build up (color, perms etc.). That makes it harder and harder for your hair to absorb what it needs. If you live in a hot environment, that creates even worse conditions. Hair becomes more frizzy and dry as the sun beats down on it.

With all this in mind, its important to find natural blends that improve moisture levels. Any recipes that contain rice or wheel improve the hair’s ability to receive moisture, for example. Avocado is a good choice for conditioner too. Apply it pulped to your hair and scalp but leave on for at least 10 minutes for light to normal conditioning (longer if your hair is really damaged). Just like your skin, hair responds to avocado

Eggs and plain yogurt also seem to offer moisturizing to your hair. Use one egg and 3-4 tablespoons of yogurt. Work this into your hair after washing, making sure to get it down into your roots. Leave it on for ten minutes then rinse with cool water for best results.

As a side note, be aware of the overall abuse your hair takes every day. From cigarette smoke to oven grease, your hair is going to encounter all types of things that you wouldn’t want it to if you had any choice. That means you may need to experiment with various options before you find the right treatment that works for both your environment and your hair’s overall condition. I gave up dying for two years to restore health to my hair, and it was worth the gray! Now my hair will accept a permanent and dye very well without the frizz that occurred after nearly a decade of doing both within weeks of each other. So, if you have to give your hair some “time off” do so! The results will surprise you


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