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As we grow older we begin to notice the fine lines and wrinkles that weren’t there before. This is all an unfortunate and unavoidable outcome of growing old. Eyes begin to look dark, wrinkles appear on our foreheads, your chin turns to the plural term chins it begins to sag, skin becomes dry, skin begins to sag and eventually we get left looking like a Pug dog with a scrunched up face. In an attempt to prevent this we spend vast amounts of money on the latest cosmetics that claim they are, ‘clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes).’

Dry skin is proven to age quicker than clean, fresh skin and so beauty experts advise using exfoliators. Exfoliators are products that promote the removal of dead skin cells, they are a microdermabrasion -a technique using sand crystals to remove superficial skin cells and improve minor skin imperfections and help prevent effects of aging. They add moisture to the skin but can hurt delicate skin.

Personally, I dread the thought of getting old, feeling your body sag and looking drained and dull more and more daily. Many women try everything to prevent poor skin, no matter what age they are, and, dare I say it, I’m pretty certain men attempt it too. After all, looking good on the outside promotes you feeling good on the inside.

So, you’ve tried the anti-aging creams and every product that claims to prevent anti-aging and I bet the visa bill is sky high. You’ve tried the de-toxin and the steam facials but nothing seems to be working and you ask why??
Answer: because we can’t stop ourselves from getting old. However, we can try and postpone the procedure of it. The products we buy don’t always work, some may help a little but they definitely don’t help the bank balance. There is an alternative way.

Why not try making a natural anti-ageing exfoliating face wash??

All you need is water and sugar, salt is often suggested but it can damage and scrape the skin.


2 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp water


Add the sugar and water together into a bowl
Stir until sugar has dissolved, otherwise it could tear your skin
Apply to your face
Using fingertips massage in a light circular motion on a make up free based face
Do this for approximately 1-2 minutes
Rinse off with warm water, or a steamed washcloth
Pat dry
If desired, afterwards, apply a mild fragrance-free moisturiser

If you wish to make the experience even more en-lightening, after you have used the face mask/wash, cut two slices of cucumber and lay back placing them on your eyes. The natural coolness of the cucumber prevents puffiness and puts that sparkle back into your eye.

Voila! There you have it. Soft skin without the expenses.

Finally, as a concluding tip, avoid using soap to wash the face as it dries the skin, which, as previous information indicates, promotes aging of the skin.


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