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Zero calorie fad diets are a sure way to fail at losing weight. You need a plan you can stick to if you really want to shed pounds.
Zero calorie fad diets are a sure way to fail at losing weight. You need a plan you can stick to if you really want to shed pounds.
Are you looking to lose weight and do it quickly? We all want to look our best and those extra pounds certainly don’t help.

But with many of us working at computers, spending leisure time watching TV, listening to music or otherwise spending so much time in an inactive state these days, its easy too gain unwanted weight.

And the long term health risks associated with obesity are all too well known, so aside from looking good, keeping trim and fit will also extend your health, keep you feeling your best and may well lead to a longer lifespan. If you have tried exercise, diet and other weight loss programs, perhaps you’ve been conditioned into thinking it’s a complex process?

In reality, if you follow a few simple ideas you can lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently. Follow these 10 easy tips to get thin quickly without risking health problems or those overly complex diet plans that always seem to fail:

  1. Talk To Your Doctor – Before starting any diet plan or rapid weight loss program, consult a physician. A blood test will reveal if you have blood sugar level or other potential health concerns that need to be considered. If you have any health conditions such as diabetes, heart, kidney, lung or other health problems, you could seriously jeopardize your health. Losing any amount of weight just isn’t worth the risk!
  2. Make An Attitude Adjustment – 90% of losing weight is about attitude and self confidence. If you can just set your mind on losing weight, you will have conquered the battle before you even start a weight loss regimen. Most of us can set our minds for a few days or even weeks, but maintaining a positive outlook and steady focus on losing weight is always a LOT harder than it sounds.
  3. Exercise Regularly – You don’t have to work out for 2 hours at the gym everyday, but daily walking or other exercise that gets your heart, lungs and muscles moving is key to losing weight and keeping off those pounds. Start by setting a schedule; you might walk for 30 minutes on odd days and practice yoga or other stretching exercises on even days. Whatever work out regimen you set, the main key is to make it enjoyable enough that you can stick with it regularly.
  4. Research Diet Options – There are literally hundreds of diet plans out there today, from Atkins to the South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig, The Special K Challenge and plenty of others. But you need to find one that you can live with; if the food you select to eat every day doesn’t taste good to you, you are bound to give it up sooner or later. Also, be sure to pick a program that offers a balanced and nutritional diet. Avoid programs that rely on supplements or otherwise unbalanced nutrition; you need a good mix of fibers, protein, calories and, especially, vegetables and fruits to maintain your health, regardless how quickly you want to shed pounds. Your diet plan should aim to lose fat, not muscle content!
  5. Set Your Diet Plan – Once you select your diet plan, spend some time to plan and write out your meal schedule, taking care to give yourself enough variety so you won’t hate it a few days after starting.
  6. Track Your Calories – While keeping track of every calorie you eat is ridiculous and certain to turn you off to staying on a plan, it is important to track what you eat to be sure you are sticking more or less to your plan.
  7. Get Plenty of Rest – Your body needs more or less roughly 8 solid hours of sounds sleep nightly, so try to avoid sleeping irregularly. If you have trouble sleeping at night, don’t get up to read or watch the tube; remaining in bed will at least give your body some rest and sooner or later you can get your mind and body accustomed to staying in bed and sleeping more regularly. Also, if your exercise regimen includes any strength training, resistance training or serious weight lifting, be sure to allow at least 24 to 48 hours between work outs so that your muscles can recuperate properly.
  8. Avoid Binge Eating – Eating smaller amounts of food more often is one of the best ways to give your body a continual source of energy, which can aid your metabolism, thus accelerating the weight loss process. If you are prone (as most of us are) to binges, try to keep plenty of healthy snacks available to quench your appetite when the need arises. The worst thing you can do to your confidence is allow binging to overcome your emotional balance. Stepping back to point #2, once you start thinking “I’m fat and I’ll never lose weight” the battle is nearly over.
  9. Don’t Rush Weight Loss – OK, while the point of this article is to lose weight quick, you really can’t rush things too much. While you can lose weight relatively quickly by following these steps, you can’t rush things too quickly; steady, consistent persistence in your diet and exercise regimen will pay off. Trying to rush things by skimping on calories is more than likely to cause binge eating and lead to complete failure, not to mention that losing too much body weight too quickly is simply not healthy for your body either!
  10. Stick With Your Regimen – This point has been emphasized already, but the most important thing in losing weight quickly is sticking to your plan and not veering off the path because you have a bad day or week or you binged yesterday and again today. When you experience set backs, try to regain your confidence and attitude that you will not give up. Talk to a friend, see a nutritionist; whatever it takes to keep to the plan consistently over the long haul. Before you know it, you will have lost pounds, feel better both physically and emotionally and be on your way to a slimmer, happier self. Good luck and stick to your plan!



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