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During cold seasons, and especially as winter approaches, your feet begin to wear and tear and your heels begin to crack (also known as hard feet.) Dependent on the extent of your cracked feet, they can sometimes become sore and in some cases can start to bleed. This is due to the cold weather and getting your feet wet. It works the same way as chapped lips, when they are wet and the cold air touches them they become dry and brittle. This is common with most people.

There are many products available on the high street that claim to prevent and remove cracked feet but this is not always the case. These products are often expensive and can be as much as $30 per product. In addition, they are not always destined to work. I have always suffered with cracked heels due to the job I work in as I am always on my feet. I’ve used a majority of products that claim to put a stop to this problem, for example, the brands Scholl and Callex, but I am yet to find one that works. Because of this I decided to try and solve the problem myself and I now have smooth heels.

To re-gain nice feet wasn’t easy and it took a lot of grooming but the outcome was outstanding, better than the outcome I received with the recommended products.

Here are the things I constantly repeated to re-gain smooth feet.

Firstly, when you are in the tub your skin softens and so when you vacate the tub the cold air automatically attracts to dampness in an attempt to dry it. This adds to cracked feet, so when you get out of the water be sure to wipe your feet thoroughly ensuring that they are completely dry. It is also good to wear shoes and slippers with backs on them during cold seasons.

Secondly, buy yourself a foot scrub (exfoliator), they aren’t expensive, they can cost as little as $1 and are available at most stores that sell beauty products. Using this, scrub your heels once or twice a week in a clock-wise or anti-clockwise motion. This removes dry skin and leaves a smooth surface.


Thirdly, on waking up, add a small layer of moisturising cream to your heels and leave until it has soaked completely into your skin. Repeat this before going to bed also. I recommend using a menthol moisturising cream because they are made up of mint extracts. Menthol products prevent soreness because mint extracts are natural ingredients that cool the skin.

Finally, try and wear socks or slippers around the home to keep your feet warm. However, be sure that you let your feet breath by letting them get some air once or twice a day because if your feet are suffocated of air it can lead to other problems with the feet including fungus infections and athletes foot.

To maintain nice feet be sure to persist with the above things. Most importantly, be sure to moisturise your feet before and after sleep.

I hope this helps.


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