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So many of the chemicals that are used in shampoos and conditioners are dangerous and some even carcinogenic. Some have safe‚ levels of use, but many of these chemicals are still dangerous and what is a safe level. Doesn’t that vary for each individual person?

This article also has information on SLS and a couple of other common ingredients found in most shampoos.

The skin, and hence the scalp are part of one large organ, which we many times prescribe medications that are absorbed through it so it is possible that it happens with these as well. It would be wrong to assume that the chemicals we use in lotions and shampoos are not absorbed into our bodies.

The thought of using something more natural, such as a common natural soap, is probably not what you would think of as hair care, yet it is absolutely healthier and in fact, your hair, after the initial removal of all the build-ups of conditioners will be shinier and healthier than it has been in years.

Use a mild vegetable soap or glycerine soap to wash your hair and if you must rinse it try one of the rinses below to naturally condition and add shine to your hair.

The PH of soap is not the same as shampoos so we used an apple cider vinegar rinse to balance this. Besides helping with the proper PH, it also provides some awesome conditioning for the hair and scalp.

Natural Homemade Hair Rinse

½ cup apple cider vinegar

1 qt. water

Combine and pour and massage onto your scalp and hair. Rinse well and no you won’t smell like vinegar, honest.

I keep a 1 qt plastic Rubbermaid type jar in the shower and a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom cupboard. When we run out, I simply put the vinegar into the jar to the ‚½ cup mark and then fill the rest of the way with water.

To provide shine to your hair, try the following recipe.

Steep some sage in a cup of boiling water for about five minutes. Add a cup of cold water and rinse your hair in about a cup of the solution leaving it on for a few minutes before rinsing.

I have also found since using homemade soap and homemade hair rinse that I experience less tangles and less difficulty combing out my hair when I wait until my hair is dry before combing.

If you would like to work at making your own soap/herbal type shampoo try taking a look at the Pioneer Thinking site for some good ideas.

As you work to change your current methods to more natural, health conscious methods you will be pleased with the results. Just remember to give the process and your hair time to make this transition.


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