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Learn how to make your own all natural baby wipes at home!
Learn how to make your own all natural baby wipes at home!

One of the great assists in parenting is having a good all-purpose baby wipe.

But why not make them at home with ingredients you can trust. Follow these steps to make your own all natural baby wipes:

  1. To begin you‚ll need some of those soft, light weight baby blankets that you seem to have in abundance when your child first arrives. The beauty of these is that they‚re washable and reusable, and they were gifts (thereby decreasing your initial outlay). Alternatively, if you didn”t get tons of these at showers, go to a fabric shop and search the remnant bins for flannel.
  2. Step two is easy. Cut the flannel into pieces that will easily fit into any food storage container you have with an airtight lid. They need to be just shy of the full dimensions to go in and pull out easily. Cut at least 12 in all so you have enough to last a day or two before washing. It’s recommended that the edges of the cloths be sewn with a finishing stitch to keep them from fraying badly, and increase longevity.
  3. If your child has sensitive skin, you may wish to stop with just the clothes and dampen them with warm, filtered water. For children with normal skin a little aloe gel, lavender and rose water blended together are also good choices. Note that the lavender MUST be essential oil, and rosewater is best if its organic. For 12 wipes mix one cup aloe with 5 drops of lavender oil, and 1//4-1/2 cup rosewater. Mix this, and slowly add about 5 tablespoons filtered water so you can pour the blend over your cloth wipes.
  4. By the way, some recipes also recommend adding an equal amount o grapefruit seed extract and essential oil to that of the lavender. These items seem to protect the baby’s skin from irritation nicely in combination with aloe. These are best stored in the refrigerator, and even then for not more than a few days as water can (and does) get nasty after some time.
  5. If you notice the solution around the cloths growing cloudy ‚ immediately throw it out. You can always carefully warm the wipes before use with a heating pad, and the refrigerator increases longevity.


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