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If you and your spouse want to be divorced and are amiable and able to agree on how to divide your marital assets as well as how to relegate the property and visitation and custody of the children between the two of you, without the assistance of guidance of an attorney, then perhaps DIY divorce will meet your needs.

A DIY divorce is one which is accomplished without the use of an attorney. In many cases, such as when minor children are part of the discussions and no visitation or custody can be agreed upon then an attorney is your only alternative, however if this is not the case with you, and you have no real qualms about the divorce, nor believe it will be constested, this will be the easier and most inexpensive method to arrange your divorce.

The best method to begin will be the purchase of a book which offers state specific divorce laws that will be pertinent to your state and situation.

The fee will usually be about 25 dollars but knowing the laws of your area and being able to adhere to them when filing your divorce will make it well worth your while.

A checklist of issues that might make an attorney necessary would look like the one below.

If you are not in agreement on all issues pertaining to your divorce, you will need an attorney.

If you believe that some assets of the marriage have not been disclosed, then an attorney will benefit both of you.

If your assets are not simple and straightforward and you cannot agree on a way to divide them, you would need an attorney.

Additionally, assets in excess of 200,000 dollars really do require an attorney to fairly divide them.

Do you both agree on custody and visitation of the children involved? If not, you will absolutely need an attorney to discuss your case with.

Do you believe that your divorce agreement is unfair to you in any way? If so then contacting an attorney will assure that both of you are fairly treated in the settlement.

If there are any points on which you can’t agree, you both should consider using an attorney and filing in this fashion , otherwise, a DIY divorce will serve your purposes well.

To begin the DIY divorce process you will want to file an original petition for divorce, which needs to be filed with the local clerk of courts and will legally begin your petition for divorce.
Generally the courts will want the filer to specify the cause for the divorce, which in many cases will be irreconcilable differencts, the normal filing reason used in most no fault divorce cases.

Divorce, even an amiable one, is not an easy prospect and the financial and emotional ramifications will create a great deal of stress, so that filing it correctly, and being knowledgable about the laws in your area will help you to remain as unstressed as you possibly can be.

Web sites such as Legal Zoom, a DIY legal site can help you to provide yourself with the legal, and financial knowledge that you will need to make your way through the convolutions that divorce will offer, and will in fact provide you the documents that you require to file.

In many cases your local courthouse can also provide those documents that need to be filed free of charge..

The key to surviving the emotional, financial and legal turmoils that divorce can cause is to make sure that everyone involved has the best possible information they can have, and proceeds in a way that will make your divorce as easy as such a traumatic event can be.


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