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Teaching a toddler new skills or reinforcing old ones can be frustrating for both you and the toddler if the learning environment is too structured.

Teaching a child through play, spending your time with them and in interaction with him or her, will delight them, both because of the game and because you are sharing the educational experience with them.

The benefits of using educational games for your toddler are myriad in number. He or she will share play time with a parent who coaches them in the use of the chosen teaching game and perhaps plays along with them. Nothing is more imperative to learning than a parent who will guide the child and share the joy they find in the activities.

So many educational games for children are available for your use that could impart new skills and new understanding to your child. So many games that you can use to spend some valuable time with your child, interacting in ways that help you both to relax and simply spend time together.

Board Books such as the ‘I See Barney‘ can be used to facilitate item recognition, when they point to Barney’s nose, mouth and tie, while the two of you laugh at Barney’s antics.

Books will take them to far away places and inspire their imaginations (and possibly yours) to soar, or bring them back to earth and allay their fears with such stories as ‘Lionel at School’ which teaches them about going to school for the first time and how not to fear changes and new settings.

Computer games such as Reader Rabbit combine new skills such as clicking the mouse, with old favorite past times such as the musical selections and the games that are part of the Reader Rabbit experience.

DVD’s will open new worlds for your child with such titles as ‘End of the Earth:Voyaging to Antarctica, which show them the abundance of animal life in the Arctic, providing a panorama of scenery and animals as well as explanations about how the animals live in this frigid environment.

Music CD’s will have you both laughing and singing with the music when you spend your time listening to Kool Kids Singalong Songs.

Puzzles are a fun learning tool that parents can share, combining shape recognition with hand eye coordination as we place each piece so carefully.

Times such as these, curled together on the sofa, watching the antics of a penguin in a video of the frozen north, or laughing and singing to a CD of children’s songs, are the times our children will remember well into their adult lives.
Spending valuable quality time with them, sharing activities and stories are in fact what will make wonderful memories for both you and your child.

The learning experience? Well that’s just an added benefit.


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