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A new puppy gives us all a vast amount of pleasure and is a super addition to the household. It is also a vast amount of attention and labor added to your household, training, teaching, and unteaching some behaviors that aren’t welcome in our companion animals is part and parcel of getting that new dog.

Teaching a new puppy the right place to eliminate, the wrong place for the same, as well as what to chew and what he isn’t allowed to have isn’t always easy and can prove to be frustrating with some of the more active breeds.

One good idea is to always crate your puppy at night and to make sure that he or she becomes accustomed to the crate early on in his training.


Offer treats to lead him or her to the kennel as you repeat, kennel up, and the command becomes part of his repertoire, something that he knows and does not mind entering.

It will over time become much like his own room, which is both a safe and pleasant place to play for him, but also a place where he is put to separate him from you when he has misbehaved.

When he is not well behaved, or chews something, or bites inappropriately the kennel can also be an effective means of separating him from you, sending him to his room much as you would a child.

Be certain that each time you feed your puppy, he or she is taken outdoors within a ten to fifteen minute time span.

A typical puppy has no real control over his bowels and bladder at this age, and the food or drink will effectively be processed in a very short time making it necessary for him to eliminate in a short time after eating.

If you run into problems that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with on your own, some wonderful dvd’s and training books exist to help new pet owners to cope with unwelcome behaviors and habits.

Don’t give up the ship, or the dog, without trying alternate methods to teach him or her what you want them to know.

pup 2
pup 2

Pet Supplies 4 Less offers puppy teaching videos that will help you to move your puppy along the learning ladder, showing as well as explaining to you how to teach them in a series of videos called Puppy Smarts, which have worked for me personally when working with a puppy who was simply not willing to stop chewing.

The videos show you actually time elapsed work with untrained puppies so you can see what to expect when you begin and when you end.

So often people become discouraged with a new puppy and permit their affection to be overcome by frustration, leading to giving up this new family member.

Try to remember that he too, as your children once were, is a child, and needs time to take in all of the lessons he will have to learn.
Above all, offer a lot of affection and positive reinforcement of his good behaviors and take the time to get to know him and to enjoy his company.


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