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Tankless water heaters, also called On Demand water heaters, or instantaneous water heaters have become more and more popular in the United States, although they are not in common day to day use yet.

Typical hot water heaters offer hot water all the time, and heat it up to a certain temperature that can produce a great deal of energy loss, that not only costs you money, but uses energy.

We don’t heat our houses when there isn’t a demand for heat, so why do we heat our water when there is no demand
Most people aren’t aware that the hot water tank is the source of about 25% of their energy use on the electric or gas bill, but that about half of that is simply wasted energy from heating water repeatedly to a certain temperature even if that water isn’t being used.

Tankless water heaters will heat the water when it is turned on, and when there is a demand for it, but not when no one wants to use it.

The typical tankless water heater will offer you hot water at about a rate of 2-5 gallons per minute which is the rate an average shower will flow using a water saving shower head (which does seem to be not only water saving but to provide a better shower)

The gas models will offer a better flow rate than the electric ones, and some of them can’t handle the demand for hot water for very busy households such as two or three things like washer, dishwasher and shower running at the same time, however, for that you can install what is called a whole house on demand heater for your hot water, or install two or more on demand heaters.

While the cost may be about 3 or 4 hundred dollars for the heaters, within a 6 month time span you will have gained that back in the lowered electrical use from the hot water heater.

It is also possible to install two separate tankless water heaters for appliances that use a lot such as dishwasher or washer in your home..

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