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Parenting is the most important job you will ever do. That goes without saying, yet sometimes we don’t consider what the various aspects of parenting entail. The education of our children in all regards is our responsibility. To achieve it, we need to use imagination and creativity to make the learning process fun and interesting to the little ones.

Parenting skills can be learned as can any other skill and there are some amazing sites out there that I’ve seen for teaching those skills to parents as well as educating kids.

One such site is 1 2 3 Kids Games.

You can enhance your parenting skills, and help your children not only learn, but want to learn by the use of books and items that you share together. Some of the books I found on this site as well as others that will help you to get through the rough patches are items such as the Dobson book ‘Seven Solutions for Burned out Parents’ you can gain valuable insight into new methods to keep you from being impatient and unresponsive when you’ve had a rough day and so have your children.

If you find yourself in need of some new tips, or a revamping of old ideas for how to set limits and guidelines,parenting articles such as those found there, or elsewhere on good parenting sites can offer you a wealth of information on things such as discipline, home schooling, logical consequences, and even divorce and your children.

Both you and your child can benefit from books such as Active Parenting, which teaches you the skills you need to act instead of react to your childrens behavior, while Adolescent Depression will help you to learn the skills you will need to understand your child’s depression and help him or her to cope with the feelings and emotions they are going through.

It will assist you to see the symptoms of depression for what they are, rather than chalking them up to teenage moods and to intervene in a positive way to help your child. For the younger child, you will find Grief and Grieving articles on site which will help you to guide your child through the loss of a friend or grandparent so that the natural process of grieving is carried through to a positive ending, rather than seeing that grief expressed as acting out, or misbehaving.

Our children are a window to the future. Guiding their steps is both a wonderful pleasure and a long term commitment. What we teach them, and how we help them to grow is a very important part of their childhood and a viable aspect of what they become tomorrow.

Giving them the tools they need to become independent, self sufficient, and responsible young people is our responsibility as parents, but more than this, what our children become and the way they live their lives, is our tribute to tomorrow and to the world around us.

Giving them the skills they need to be productive adults is our gift to tomorrow.


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