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I collect snow globes and keep them inside a small cabinet. My nieces have always been fascinated with them and each time they visit they will ask to take them down and shake them.
My granddaughters too find them fascinating enough that they have begun to collect their own.
It seems that every child is amazed by the snow falling inside the globe and I remember having that reaction myself when I was small.

Making one of them is a matter of just a bit of work and they will have a very good time assisting you in the search for just the right ingredients to make it exactly what they want.

We started with ornament seeking and finally found a small glass ornament of a cottage with kittens running around it in Santa hats, that was the perfect ornament to go inside.
Glitter was the next order of business, with white and a translucent type what we chose.

You can use nearly any jar from a baby food jar on up to a small sized Miracle whip jar, which is what we chose to make sure that the ornament we had selected would fit well.

To make your snow globe you will need

a glass jar with a lid that fits well and tightly.

some distilled water


hot glue or silicone caulking

Glass or plastic ornament that will fit into your jar lid

acrylic paint

(you can also add some glycerin from the drug store to slow the falling of your snow, or in fact one of the best things to use to fill it rather than water, is baby oil, however this is rather costly.)

Here’s how:

To lift up the ornament and make it better able to be seen, place a small plastic lid under it and hot glue it to the inside of your jar lid.

Do a test run by screwing on the jar onto the base and see if you can easily see the ornament or statue .

If you can, then you will want to glue down the smaller lid and hot glue or silicone the ornament to it.

Then start by working over plastic sheeting and pour water and glycerine, or mineral oil into your baby food jar, getting it as full as you can.
Turn over the lid with the ornament and screw it into place.

Wipe the jar dry and run a bead of hot glue or silicone all the way around the jar lid, where it meets the jar.

You can, if you like, glue your jar lid to a wooden or metal base and paint it the color that you like.
Once everything is dry, you can add trims, lace, wooden beads or small ornaments on the outside as well


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