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“Blessed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father!”

  1. Lydia M. Child

Father, Dad, Daddy, Papa – we may call them in different ways but we respect them the same way. Our dad is an authority figure. Traditionally, he is the one who works for the family.

Father and Son
Father and Son
He is seldom at home but when he is, he makes sure that all the kids and the wife spends time with him equally. This father’s day, let us show him how grateful we are that he is there for us. It is easy to find him a wonderful gift if everybody will get involve and think. If you have young kids, remind them what there father symbolizes before asking them to think of a gift that they think their father would want and appreciate. You don’t need to buy that expensive shirt, golf set, or the latest gadget. Enjoy the time with your kids and come up with something that you can do together for daddy. How do I do it?

First thing you need to do is to make a list of all of daddy’s favorite. Whether it is a favorite thing, a hobby or a sport put them all down on paper. Then one by one eliminate all the things that you cannot do and the things that you cannot make something related to it. This will trim down your list to about 5-7 things. After trimming it down, number them from his most favorite to the least favorite. Then, check if you can create a wonderful gift related to it. Here are some of the common things that you can do:

  1. If you’re dad loves a certain sport, make a small replica of the place where he does the sport activity – basketball court, golf course, tennis court, baseball field, etc…
  2. Make him a personal organizer. There are many calendar, phone book and notes templates available on the net. Just print it out and bind them together. Have your children write something on the dates that you want to remind dad or his memorable dates on the calendar.
  3. If father’s day fall on a weekend, surprise him with his favorite home-cooked meals and let your children help in setting up a special place in your home for lunch or dinner. You can also do a barbecue in your backyard with the kids serving as waiters and waitresses. If it falls on a weekday, connive with his officemates and bring packed lunch and have an instant picnic at his office if possible.
  4. Make a special picture frame for each of your kids that dad can display in his office. Let the kids pick their own favorite picture with dad and buy a simple frame that they can decorate with. Ask them to make a simple note or come up with a quote and put it inside the frame with the picture. Dad can read it every once in a while even if he is in the office.

Gifts need not be expensive. Make it simple and do it with love.


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