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What is a forum?

Historically, it comes from the Forum Romanum, or the Roman Forums, which was, in fact, the political and the economical center of the Republic of Rome, and kept that same position well into the period known as the Imperial period.

It was also, historically, where the best and brightest of the minds of that time met, to plan and to make decisions on how best to accomplish their goals. They discussed how to accomplish magnificent feats and then went out and accomplished them, aided by the knowledge that was shared with them by fellow forum members.

Coincidentally, we have the same goal for our own forum here at How Did I Do It.

We’d love to see the best and brightest of the Do It Yourself crowd come to pay us a visit, and share with the other do it yourselfers on the DIY Forum, their tips and tricks for the best way to accomplish things, from lowering their utility bills, to building a new deck, or removing the stains from an older one. Share what you learned when you replaced your furnace, or rebuilt your basement, or even how to cook a special dish from your home country.

DIY is not just building, nor just cooking, or even just crafting, its a little of all of those things and more and the forums will give us all an opportunity to share our crafts, our skills and our passions.

We would love to see the photos of what you’ve built, check out your landscaping photos, see that stone wall you are building, and hear the stories of the little mishaps it took to build it.

Do it yourself forums are nothing new, but we hope our do it yourself forum is , if not new, then at least something far different. We’d like to learn from the DIY crowd out there, who may know something we don’t, or teach them something we know.

We invite all of you, new techno builders, as well as the old time construction crowd to come pay us a visit and teach us and our users the tricks of your trade.

How Did I Do It DIY Forums are, in the best tradition of the ancient forums of Rome, one of the most important parts of the HDIDI web site. A Place where the community comes to interact, to teach or just to make a new friend.

They offer us a central place to learn, to teach and interact in a true community-like atmosphere where everyone has something to teach and something to learn, and we share the knowledge, the trials and the little triumphs with our neighbors..



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