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Every child at one time or another wants something different in his room. Children much as adults like things to change once in a while. Dora used to be her favorite, and now its hot pink. Take heart, because its likely that hot pink will at least grow with her.

A childs room, is going to grow into a teenagers room. Save a few dollars now, by purchasing a few things that will fit into either atmosphere. In other words, things that will grow with your child and will continue to be used in the room.

A few tips to begin with, prior to getting into the meat of things:

Your child will want to help. I personally would encourage this. It’s a marvelous way of spending some quality time with them, encouraging them to take part in decision making and simply because it is their room. They will be far happier in it if they make some of the choices as to color and style than if you did it all without them.

Make lists. Things change with a child as we all know. Ideas will flow at twenty a minute and you will want to note them, take the most reasonable, while tossing aside the gold plated bed knobs and sterling silver shiny feet on the lamp.

Find a theme, even if its just a color, or a couple colors such as neon pink and purple or a jungle. Themes can be taken two at a time and still be workable, such as Barbie and a flower garden, or Dora and the jungle.

Tackle the walls first. Choose a color that isn’t necessarily the same as the main theme color. For instance, if you are going for a royal purple color scheme, you don’t necessarily want the walls royal purple but hot pink will be a superb contrast, and the new neon colors, particularly for girls are something thats going to last and last into teenage years. Crayola offers the most amazing paints for children in colors that are fabulous.


Choose some of the new fabric and board style drawers in hot new colors, such as purple, apple green, hot pink or sunflower yellow. They offer rolling carts, drawers, trash cans and many other soft accessories that are very inexpensive and wear like iron.

Bedding comes next. Print beddings are far more expensive than the solid colors, so perhaps a solid bedding that you embellish with a few iron ons, or some quick to stitch type little monogram type stitcheries. Toss in a few throw pillows with characters on them that contrast well, or add a flowered border or picture to pick up the brighter colors.

Add some solid colored throw rugs that will pick up the wall colors, or the color of the bedding, and perhaps a rug with their favorite character to match the rooms main color scheme.


Shelves, tables, curtains, you can add to each of them, in a way that pulls the room together.. For instance your daughter loves dragonflies.

Decals that rub off will make amazing wall mural type additions, while you may want to add a few of the iron on ones to the curtain hem, as if they are fluttering around, or glue a few to the drawers, the frame of her mirror or maybe eve tie a couple on ribbon and hang from the roof as if they are in flight. For a childs room, the more whimsy, the quirkier it is the better it will be received.

Curtains are next and oh can they be costly, not in our case. Single, or twin bed sheets make admirable curtains with a single seam sewed through the top and they are usually long enough that the bottom edge, cut off makes a wonederful valance or perhaps a bed curtain to drape over curtain tieback hooks on the wall above their headboard.

Match the lighting with your theme, so that a hot pink shade or a purple one will be in a room with a pink wall to match the other accessories. Acrylic paints and stencils can help you match that dragonfly or butterfly theme.

Be sure that you ask your childs opinion as you work and don’t discount his or her suggestions because they are too costly.. Look around you for viable alternatives to what they want, in ways you can afford.


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