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Cruising around the Internet in search of the perfect Christmas gifts for you, I’d completely forgotten that the kids need a bit of online fun too.

With that in mind, we took a second surf around to see what we might find that was good clean holiday fun for the kids, and maybe even for you. After all, if it occupies them, isn’t it also healthy for you too?

One of my favorite sites, for the nieces and nephews and also for myself is Author Jan Brett’s pages. The award winning author has spared nothing to make a set of pages that reach out and draw your child into the world of reading. Featuring over 4000 pages of kids activities, games, coloring pages and stories, this is truly a site worth spending some time on. So well done and so easy to navigate; you can read a story on your own, or listen as it’s read for you, just clicking a link to see the pages turn. you can also send an e-card and play various games there. The site encourages imagination, has some truly wonderful animal stories, not the least of which is the current animal story on site, entitled “The Three Snow Bears
This is a page your kids shouldn’t miss this holiday season.

Heading north we find SURPRIZE!! The North Pole.com  beautifully written site it features stories, games, wallpaper and screen savers as well as kids games and a place to email a letter to Santa.

With great navigation and some interesting and fun things for kids to do, there are also some areas for moms and dads as well, with many cookie recipes, ideas for decorating and some fun activities for kids and parents alike.

Turn left at the North Pole and you’ll make your way to Santa’s House, where he is patiently waiting for you to visit. Write down your Christmas wishes for him and you will receive a free letter from Santa Claus Online.

Do a U turn and head south again and you’re on your way to the Christmas coloring pages site featuring over fifty pages of Christmas coloring fun for your kids, including cats, stockings, snow men, reindeer, candy canes, Rudolph and the North Pole.

One last stop will be the Christmas Caboose chock full of fun crafts designed especially for children and their parents.

Try taking an Internet walk with your children and see what you can find that may just amaze and delight them this holiday season.


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