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Kids furniture is a separate category, as we know if we’ve ever tried to find it.
Children love miniature furniture, something that smacks of what the adults are using, in their own size and style, so that they aren’t overwhelmed by it.

Children will enjoy the outdoors more, and be more inclined to develop a liking that will last their entire lifetime, if they are made comfortable there, and feel at ease entertaining their friends in styles and sizes they can appreciate.

This garden bench, styled after the Adirondack style of chairs, is just their size, with dimensions of
22.5″H x 32″W x 22″D, well suited to their sizes, with plenty of room to have a friend or two enjoy a popsicle with them.

The price is right at about 100 USD.

A miniature gazebo over their swimming pool will allow them to swim in style without your having to worry about the heat and rays of the sun.

This one, at a price of just about 75.00 USD is a great value and measures about 4 feet x 4 feet.

Round out the outside garden or lawn area for your children with this miniature table and chairs, covered by an umbrella.

The benches are spread enough in the creation to make them steady on their legs and well able to be used for children’s safe seating

A price tag of about 90 USD accompanies this item.

Your children will enjoy the outside more when they have items their own size to entertain their own friends at a a children’s birthday or garden party.

For more information on child sized lawn and garden furniture take a walk though the site at NexTag.com.


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