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Materials needed: Old magazines, Farmers Almanac, Health or Guideposts size approximately 7” by 10 or 12”; green paint; glue stick; glitter; confetti; old newspapers.

This craft is one my daughter brought home as a school project a few years ago and we have used it to decorate with since in her room or other rooms of the house. It is a nice project that will take some time and creativity yet most kids will need little help from you. It will keep them occupied for some time letting you complete other vital tasks like wrapping presents or hiding presents that are not wrapped yet.

First place the magazine in front of you. Pick up the top right corner and fold it towards the left, just above the center of the middle of the magazine. This creates the triangle that will be the branches of your tree. Continue to fold the rest of the pages in the same way, and then stand the tree upright and place on an unfolded newspaper. The tree should stand upright by itself and it is now ready to decorate.

The next step is to decorate the tree. You can either paint the edges of the pages or add the glitter and confetti before it dries or decorate the edge of each page with maker, then add glitter glue and confetti. Let the tree dry then add any other decorations you like.

You can make a mini tree by stapling a few index cards together and using the same techniques as for the magazine tree. Be sure and fasten the two ends together before displaying, a small paperclip works well for this. The hardest part is trying to decide who to give your tree to!  This craft works well is daycare or school setting.


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