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These little angels are cute, easy to make and a lot of them would look good hung from ribbon in a window, from the ceiling, or trimming a childrens Christmas tree. Made from simple things you will already have at home, they arent at all expensive to make and the only purchase will be the wooden bead for the head.


paper towel or toilet paper tubes

one wooden bead, about three inches in diameter (that fits on top of the tube without falling down it

scraps of yarn

tacky glue

wrapping paper scraps.

two tissues per angel

paper clip

pipe cleaner

Cover a toilet paper tube with your wrapping paper, or if you are using paper towel tubes, use just half.

glue the wrapping paper at the top and bottom, tucking it inside to hide the raw edges.

using a permanent marker, or paints, make a face on your angel head, the wooden bead

cut scraps of colored yarn about two inches long and glue on several strands from side to side for hair.

Form a circle from two thirds of a pipe cleaner and take the other third and bend it straight down, and glue to the back of the bead so that the circle stands above the hair.

Glue the bead to the top of the paper tube.

Take two tissues, or two sheets of tissue paper about five inches long  and fold them accordion style..   the long way.. Find the center and clip with a paper clip to secure them.

Open the paper from its accordion shape so that it forms two fans, one on either side and the paper clip stays in the center.

make a small slit in the back of the tube and slide the paper clip down inside it, to hold the wings in place.


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