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All children love to pretend and they love to emulate the behavior of adults.

Having their own replicas of those things that we use on a daily basis, to them, is a great source of enjoyment, as well as teaching them basic cleanliness, basic safety and many other handy lessons while they are pretending.

Cooking is one of the things that little boys and girls both love to play and this Christmas season, you can delight them with a play kitchen designed just in their size with their own sized appliances.

Toy kitchens range in price from about 60.00 dollars up to about 199 dollars, with the most expensive being of course, among those with the most features in a children’s toy.

The state of the art in children’s play kitchens this holiday season is KidKraft’s new Grill and Bake Kitchen completely packed with fun and excitement as they cook and bake their way through the weekend hours.
There are two sides that will permit your children to play in groups rather than alone, and having friends for dinner, even an imaginary one is always fun.

There are plenty of fun treats to be baked. There are plenty of treats to be made whether grilling on the patio side or baking in the cozy kitchen. This charming and clever environment is full of unique details to delight your child at a price that is really not that bad.

As with any other toy available for your child this holiday season, check well for rounded corners rather than sharp ones, make certain that the rating is for a child whose age is compatible with your child’s and make certain that this type and make of toy has not been under any recalls.


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