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Video conferencing used to be just a tool that was used at work, and the cost of it was prohibitive for the home user.
That is changing rapidly and with the evolution of the new technologies that are entering into the playing field, things are becoming more possible for home users with prices lowering to become affordable for not just bit corporations, but also home telephony users as well

What it is?

Video conferences are nothing more than integrating audio and video so that two people, or more, can communicate on just one line, and see as well as hear the other.

So that you can see aunt Martha in London while the two of you visit for the first time in several years, or hear your sisters baby gurgle while you see her image.

Video conferencing is not available nearly the world over, and those family members, or co workers who live in multiple states, or continents, can view as well as talk with each other.

How Does That Work?

To make the video conference functional, you’re going to need microphones, cameras, some software and hardware as well as some peripheral devices that permit you to send both audio and video over your line.

When you have your conference, codecs will translate the information into digital from the analog and then transmit them to another codec, owned by the others computer gear, which is a highly simplified explanation.

Why is it Suddenly Cheaper?

The costs for this vary, but they are no longer unable to be borne by the home computer user, and in fact are largely affordable to even middle income families now as it has grown so much less expensive than it was just a year ago, due to technological advancement in the codecs, lowered costs of the hardware and is not unknown or uncommon anymore due to a more technical group of people, even older Americans.

Given new codecs, new hardware and faster more intelligent computers as well as hardware that takes less bandwidth to operate, the cost of video conferencing dropped and it became far more easily available to even small business and individuals.

Using video conferencing can make communications easier among co workers, save money for businesses and make learning a great deal easier, cheaper and more fun when it is used by co workers world wide.

It can also facilitate your own family communications, making it easier to stay close with relatives and friends who live quite distant from yourself.

Video conferencing is not only the wave of the future, it is the path of the present. Explore how it might work for you and your own small company or home and family.


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