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Remember when movies cost just a few cents? When we could go to the show and eat popcorn and buy our ticket all for under five dollars.

I remember, and frankly although I don’t’ like living in the past, I certainly miss the days when quality entertainment didn’t involve spending a hundred dollars to take your family to the show.

There are alternatives now which are nice to see appearing.

Free movie sites are beginning to dot the web with ways to get a quality older movie for the price of a few mouse clicks to find it.

Yes we all know about wares and piracy and all those things which are somewhat less than wholesome, but getting something for nothing on the Internet now days doesn’t mean taking it illegally.

Free movie sites are far more available than you might thing. Granted you won’t find grade A state of the art, just released movies without paying for them, but you will find a lot of old favorites, some classic movies which are now public domain, and a few that will surprise you.

Where do you look?

How do you know if its legal or illegal and how do you avoid getting something that you shouldn’t have? Chances are, common sense will help you there. If what you just downloaded hasn’t’ been released to video yet from the movies, then run a mile, its not something that you are meant to be watching.

The following are just a few of the available sites where you can download a free movie or two. Completely legitimate. Legal AND free. Whats not to love about that?

Here are a few sites where you can download free movies; they are all free, all legal, and feature hundreds of high-quality movie clips and full-length movies.

Desert Island Films: features a whole batch of cartoons, moves and more from the public domain . Many of them are free, while others may take a nominal payment.


Free Movies and Documentaries:

features older cartoons, documentaries and docudramas


Free Documentaries.

The number one source for documentaries of all genre, and whats more, they are free


Free Movie Downloads features, again, older, public domain categories of movies that are now free and legal to download


Many of these sites add movies continuously and daily there are new additions to what you can view. Many of them will offer you an e-list so that you can be made aware of new additions to their site and go to find them. Many also offer videos, and older cartoons to amuse your children.

The good old days of older movies and cartoons, fortunately, isn’t entirely past.


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