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For the holidays or just for a country decorating scheme this wreath will fit in just about anywhere. I made mine from willow branches, which are pliable enough to bend very easily, but it could as easily be made of nearly any wood , using branches that are thinner toward the end of the branch.

To make the woodland wreath you will need to have about ten branches, of a thinner variety, or a bunch of grapevine, that is pliable, or soaked to make it more pliable.

If you can find only shorter branches, they are easily wired together to make them long enough to bend into the one piece heart wreath

For this craft you will need

Branches or grapevines

artificial ivy

a few bunches of red berries or some white roses, dried or silk


heavy gauge wire

pruning scissors

To make the wreath

cut six lengths of the pliable branches and wire three of them together at one end. Repeat with the other three, wiring them together also.

Cross the two bundles over at the wired end, wire the two bunches together at the crossing point

Holding the crossed wired ends with your hand, ease the long end around and down gently so the branches don’t snap.

repeat with the other side to form a heart shape.

wire the bottom end of the heart together.

cover your wiring together with seagrass string or rope at the top and bottom

twine the trailing ivey or ivy leaves around the heart, add a few berries strategically.

Make a small posy with ivy and add a white rose, tie it with twine.

wire the rose at the top of the heart.


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