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Wood flooring is both beautiful and durable if it is given the right care, and offers a warmth that other type of flooring simply cant’ match, being made, as it is of a more natural material.

There are basically three types of wood flooring, and each has something to recommend it to the user. Strip Flooring, sold by the square foot, is the best value in wood flooring. “shorts, are typically going to be the least expensive of the strip flooring. Strip flooring is essentially just what it says it is, strips of narrow boards, usually less than three inches wide and about 3/4 inches thick, and of random lengths that may run as long as 8 feet. They are normally both side and end matched with tongue and groove placement. Common woods for strip flooring are oak, maple, pecan, walnut or teak. They are graded according to quality, and the higher the grade of course, the more costly they will be, but also the longer the boards will be, and the fewer the color and grain changes will be there on your floor. Strip is the most durable of all wood floors and also the most widely used.

Strip flooring should be blind nailed, that is to say, nailed down invisibly, in the side and the end grooves, to a very clean moisture proof sub floor, and must be nailed down over the floor at a ninety degree angle.

Plank Flooring

Plank flooring consist of boards that are three inches or more in width and are usually about 3/4 inches thick and usually come in random widths that can be about 7 inches or more and 8 feet long. The wider the board the more consistent the grain and color will be. Common wood are white or red oak, fir, pine, and teak. Oak are normally side and end matched, while other woods are side matched only. Plank floors are more susceptible to warping than the other type and may cup upward and can gap along the sides if they see excess moisture.

They should be installed by nailing on the face or screwing down rather than blind nailing particularly if they are wider or are not end matched. Some plank flooring can be glued. Plank floor homes must have very good ventilation.

Parquet floors

Parquet is any type of patterned wood flooring which is normally made of custom designed individual pieces. It is laid down to make an overall geometric pattern, and may be either basket-weave, herringbone, finger-block or another pattern. The tiles are usually 5/16 inches thick and can be many stock sizes as well as differing shapes. It may occur as a hexagon, square, rectangles or sometimes other shapes.

Common wood used to make it are oak, maple, walnut, or teak. Parquet may be either veneer or solid and although it is strong is the least durable of the wood flooring types. Some parquet will come with self adhesive backing while others will require gluing. It should go down onto a very clean and level subfloor, with no flex.Most of it can be laid down directly onto concrete. Wood flooring is lovely and can be very durable for your home. Caring for it can be as easy as regular vacuuming and damp mopping, and many of today’s wood flooring should not be waxed. Harsh detergents should never be used on wood flooring but instead a solution of 3 gallons of water and 2 cups of vinegar are excellent for their care. If you do wax your floor a commercial waxing machine or a buffer will give you the best finish.


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