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Some of the most popular designers today are working in vintage motifs, looking to the classics of Victorian, Art Deco, and even the 50’s and 60’s for decorating ideas. Because of the privacy a bathroom affords, it’s also become a space in which a person or family can express something unique and different in interest or tastes. The romanticist leans toward the lacy Victorian style, while the rock-n-roller loves the 50’s.

Whatever speaks to you, it helps to know where to begin.Bathrooms makeovers need not be expensive, just cleverly thought out.

For example, in the Victorian space, a sun catcher in the window, some lacy curtains, potpourri, and richly scented soaps and oils begin setting the tone. Department stores also regularly carry soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and other items that have a bejeweled style suited to Victorian designs at really good prices.

Taking Victorianna a little further, quick install pedestal sinks usually won’t break the bank either (unless you need to redo a lot of plumbing). Overall, think layering. A large lush towel should never stand-alone. Add a smaller lace-edged hand towel on top of it.

If you have a counter top, it’s never bare. Put down doilies with decorative pieces and functional toiletries.

Moving to Art deco (1920s and 1930s), some bathroom design companies are starting to reproduce handles and other fixtures from this era. Tile is a big design tip for this bathroom makeover.

If you can’t afford to redo the floor, consider decorating the bathroom countertop with small tiles in a mosaic. Predominant colors include pale green, pink or plain white for tiles, while paints veered toward rich tones like turquoise and burgundy. Where Victorian was lavish, Art Deco had a cleaner line and geometric look. So adding some clever storage spaces helps with the overall feel, and your ability to keep the bathroom tidy. Also, look into frosted replacement glass for lighting along with chrome sink fixtures as a cost-effective thematic touch.

Moving to the 1950s we find plastic everywhere – holders for brushes, boxes for toiletries or tissues, etc. This wasn’t a flimsy plastic, but rather sturdy pieces often made in deep green, salmon, robin egg blue, canary yellow, and bright pink. Along side this don’t forget about diamond patterns, poodles, checks, a vanity chair and nickel plated accessories to really give it that 50s ambiance.

Last but not least if you love color, then a 1960s bathroom is right up your alley. Find a few Beatles posters, anything with pok-a-dots, psychedelic hues in paint and accessories, and flowers… lots and lots of flowers! Other touches is anything made in cork – like perhaps a board on which to put pieces of memorabilia, items made from bamboo or hemp, shag rugs and by all means a peace sign on the back of the door. Don’t forget to shop flea markets and garage sales to find some of these treasures at reasonable prices.


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